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Full Service Automotive Agency, Cornerstone Marketing Solutions,  provides direct mail, digital campaigns, and audio and video broadcasting service to dealerships throughout the United States. We offer saturation, buyback, database, service mailers,   re targeting banners, and staffed events.

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Retargeting Banners


Retargeting banners and display campaigns are here for good. Get your offers 100,000 plus views online with our custom displays. These powerful small ads pack a punch that convert online interest to pavement sales.

While both retargeting banners and display campaigns have similar design qualities their purpose is very different. Retargeting banners follows or tracks people who have visited your site and displays the vehicle offer they were interested in as they visit other sites online while display campaigns are designed to reach the people that  may not have been to your site in the past. Display campaign ads are shown on popular sites like Yahoo, Google, and Yelp. 

Cornerstone Marketing Solutions image ads contain 3-4 banners per theme and are deployed usually once a month. Contact us today about retargeting or display campaigns and how our full service can help your dealership.